Coworking Core Values – Community

Coworking as a movement shares community, collaboration, openness, sustainability, and accessibility as core values.  The values are intentionally vague and open to interpretation. This is the first part of a five part blog series exploring these core values and how they apply in Loveland.

Community is often seen as the most valuable characteristic of a coworking office.  It is what sets coworking apart from office suites or executive offices.  Being able to work alongside others that are like minded provides emotional and social benefits that could not be realized working from home or from a coffee shop.

There also is a commitment from members to contribute to each other’s business, knowledge, and personal growth.  Daily there are opportunities to learn from other members’ mistakes, successes, and other experiences.  The shared space is merely the soil for the seeds of community to grow within.  Coworking creates a place to belong, a people that have shared values, an environment to work independently yet not alone,  a common purpose to give to & benefit from.

To summarize, coworking is always about the people first.


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