Coworking Core Values – Collaboration

Coworking as a movement shares community, collaboration, openness, sustainability, and accessibility as core values.  The values are intentionally vague and open to interpretation. This is the second installment of a five part series exploring these core values and how they apply in Loveland.

Collaboration is a very tangible benefit to coworking.  In its simplest form, collaboration is simply working with others.  A wealth of knowledge can be gained by working among a talented and diverse group.  A willingness to participate in the coworking community can lead to endless opportunities to gain help from other, increase creativity, and offer your expertise to others.

Earlier the month at our Thursday meetup, two coworkers met for the first time and by the end of the afternoon were planning on working together on building websites.  There also has been a couple members that connected through the coworking community meetup page.  They were able to work together to help bid out a project.

The shared value of being a coworking member can provide access to information and opportunities that can and will be a benefit to your work and your life.

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