Coworking Core Values – Openness

Coworking as a movement shares community, collaboration, openness, sustainability, and accessibility as core values.  The values are intentionally vague and open to interpretation. This is the third entry in a five part blog series exploring these core values and how they apply in Loveland.

Openness can be applied to a coworking office in a number of ways.  In a literal sense, it refers to the layout and design of the space itself.  The floor plan of any potential space we would have in Loveland would need to have an open floor plan.  The fewer walls the better.  The more open the space, the fewer boundaries to cross in building a community.
As an attitude, openness revolves around the free sharing of ideas, information, and experience.  This value works closely with the last value we spotlighted, collaboration.  The more members are open to each other, the opportunities increase to give to and benefit from each other.
The office itself is open to other groups and other uses by the members.  If a member needed a place to hold a meeting, seminar, party, or networking event, it can be arranged. If a business or community group is looking for a space to hold committee meetings or events, I would love for the office to host.  The goal is not to create a members only space, but to have a space that benefits the city as a whole.
The final application of openness is in my vision as the catalyst for the space.  I do not see this as my baby or my business.  I see myself as merely one piece of the puzzle.  My plans are always open to the input of others as to the use of the future space.  A coworking space in downtown Loveland is for the city, not for myself.

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