Coworking Core Values – Accessibility

Coworking as a movement shares community, collaboration, openness, sustainability, and accessibility as core values.  The values are intentionally vague and open to interpretation. This is the final installment of a five part blog series exploring these core values and how they apply in Loveland.

The term accessibility is most often used in the context of ADA requirements.  The desire is to have a space be physically accessible to all.  If any person is limited from joining the community, the community is the one that suffers.

Location of a space also plays a part in this core value as well.  This is the main motive of finding a space downtown in Loveland.  It provides a central location that would allow the maximum number of people to use the office.

As I have stated in other parts of this series, my main motive is to create the environment that helps other entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and creatives to thrive.  The bottom line is not what drives my desire to create a space in Loveland.  Like-minded individuals need a place to connect, to collaborate, and to create.  Making that place financially affordable as well as physically accessible is the goal of Loveland coworking as a business.


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