New Site

Our new website is

You can find pics of our finished space, grand opening specials on memberships, and all our info at the new site.

Thanks to all who have been reading and following our progress at this blog.  I’m excited to be opening the space and be bringing coworking to Loveland.


Opening March 26!

Barring any unforeseen setbacks, The Armory will open its doors on Monday, March 26!  We are excited to show off the remodel and begin welcoming members.  The first week will free to all who would like to come coworking.

If you know you will be coming a certain day, please RSVP ( to ensure you will have a spot.

Looking forward to welcoming members and seeing the coworking community continue to grow in Loveland

Space Update

On this past Monday the rough in inspection was passed.  The week has been spent drywalling which is nearly done.  This afternoon and evening I will be texturing the wall which is a lot of fun to do.  We should be making great progress on the space this weekend and pouring the countertop Tuesday of next week.  I will be around this afternoon (Friday) and all day on Saturday if you would like to stop by to see it.

The Armory Membership Info

Thank you to everyone that is interested in using the new coworking space.  I would like to publish the membership plans as a reference for everyone.  These will also be published on our new site when it goes live at

These membership are not exclusive in that if there is not a plan that meets your needs please send an email to with the specifics of your situation.  I am sure we can find a solution.

The memberships grant access to the space, the conference room which can reserved, the wifi, the complimentary coffee, as well a community of talented, creative, intelligent, and unique coworkers.

Workspace Update

The big news for the weekend is we were approved for the building permit on Friday!  The major work can know begin to get the space open soon!

I spent a good amount of time working on Friday and Saturday.  So much so that I did not even check my Twitter, which is rare for me.  My wife and kids came down to the office a couple times to help me paint the ceiling as well as clean up the demo debris.  We also were able to install the lights

They are very similar to the lights that are mounted on the eaves of the depot.  I like that we were able to bring a bit of the historical into the space.  Also glad we were able to get rid of these!

The Armory – A Shared Workspace

As I announced on Twitter last week, the coworking space in Loveland’s official name is “The Armory.”  There are changes to the space’s online identity in process.  The Twitter handle has been changed from @lvldcwrk to @armoryworkspace.  The website is being built by a coworking member –  I will be setting up a Facebook and Google+ pages in the coming weeks.  The goal is to have the space at 411 N Railroad Ave open in mid-March.

The name of the space, “The Armory”, was born out of my coworking story.  I was  introduced to a collaborative workspace as a freshman architecture student.  The first class I took at Iowa State was the intro to architecture studio which was held at The Armory building.  The first through third year architecture students all had their studios located in the same building.  There were few walls and lots of open space so we were always interacting and collaborating.  We constantly had second and third year students coming into our space to offer guidance and insight, serving as mentors.  A creative community was formed with the other freshman students as we helped each other build our models late into the night.

My desire for the coworking office in Loveland is to create a similar community.  Sharing in each other’s lives as mentors and support as a like minded, creative community.

More Progress

We are continuing to make progress on getting the space remodeled.  The demo permit has been approved so we were able to start removing drywall to allow the electrician and plumber to do their work once the building permit is approved.


Also, we were able to remove the cooler!  With that being gone it really makes the space feel huge.  As a bonus, the removal of the cooler revealed the art on the bricks in the back corner.  Not sure if we will keep the trees or not but it was pretty cool to find them.